AIST Today 2006-No.21

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Biomass Energy
The Significance of Liquid Fuel Production from Woody Biomass
Biomass Technology Research Center Actively Working with Having Its Base of Operations in the Chugoku Region
[ PDF:548KB ]
Production of Synthetic Diesel Fuel from the Gasification of Woody Biomass [ PDF:444KB ]
Production of Wood-based Ethanol for Automobile Fuel [ PDF:560KB ]
Creating a Data Base (DB) to Promote the Utilization of Biomass [ PDF:425KB ]
Development of Biomass Utilization in Asia [ PDF:497KB ]
Research Hot Line
The abstracts of the recent research information appeared on the Vol.6 No.4-No.6 of "AIST TODAY" are introduced and classified by research area.
For inquiry about the full article, please contact the author directly.
Novel reporter assay system using color differences luciferases reveals multiple gene expression in the mammalian cells [ PDF:450KB ] Life Science and Biotechnology
Development of a rapid and easy-to-use tool for stress measurement using microchip capillary electrophoresis [ PDF:349KB ]
True 3D Display using Laser Plasma in the air [ PDF:349KB ] Information Technology and Electronics
Flexible Organic Memory Device Fabricated with Printing Method [ PDF:473KB ]
A double-gate MOSFET with an ultrafine upstanding Si-fin [ PDF:473KB ]
The Data Repository System for The Shake Test [ PDF:375KB ]
Overlay Weaver : An Overlay Construction Toolkit [ PDF:375KB ]
Successful Development of a Desktop Apparatus Enabling Nanometer-scale Fabrication [ PDF:404KB ]
Uniform dispersion of carbon nanotubes into polyimide [ PDF:404KB ]
Development of High Performance Micro Tubular SOFCs [ PDF:299KB ] Nanotechnology, Materials and Manufacturing
Highly Stabilized β-carotene in Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes [ PDF:299KB ]
Stable Operation of Carbon Nanotube Transistor [ PDF:291KB ]
Highly Conductive Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes [ PDF:291KB ]
Novel Mass Spectrometric Technology for Biological and Environmental Fields [ PDF:302KB ] Environment and Energy
Development of high Voc Cu(In,Ga)Se2 solar cells [ PDF:302KB ]
Decomposition of Environmentally Persistent Perfluorooctanesulfonate (PFOS) in Subcritical Water [ PDF:351KB ]
Concealed Median Tectonic Line in the Kanto Plain, Central Japan [ PDF:351KB ] Geological Survey and Applied Geoscience
Proteome analysis for oxidative stress [ PDF:498KB ] Metrology and Measurement Science
Temperature measurement of microscale specimen by simultaneous measurements of thermoreflectance and electric resistance [ PDF:498KB ]
Synthesis of Unique High Quality Fluorescence Quantum Dots for the Biochemical Measurements [ PDF:255KB ]
In Brief
  • Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT) and AIST Signed an Agreement of Research Cooperation
  • Vietnam-Japan Scientific Cooperation Workshop on Geo-Grid
  • AIST President Yoshikawa Visits the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Hosts Joint Symposium on Innovation
  • Hannover Messe 2006
  • Research Coordinator of the Geological Survey of Japan, AIST, Takes Over as CCOP Steering Committee Chairperson
  • Participating in "nano tech 2006"
  • Assistant Minister of Science, Education and Sports of Croatia Visits AIST
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