AIST Today 2005-No.15

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New Year’s Message
  • New Year’s Message
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Feature:Measurement Standards and How They Support Society
  • Measurement Standards and How They Support Society
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Measurement Standards in Action
  • Measurement Standards at Production Sites: Automobiles
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Supporting Advanced Technology
  • Measuring Gene Quantities
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Supporting Advanced Technology
  • The Development and Spread of Nanotechnology and Related Measurement Standards
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Measurement Standards in the Future
  • Using the Avogadro Constant as a New Standard for Mass
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Measurement Standards in the Future
  • Next-Generation Standards for High Temperatures
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Future Prospects of Measurement Standards
  • Current Status of International Mutual Recognition and Future Directions
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Research Hot Line
The abstracts of the recent research information appeared on the Vol.4 No.10-No.12 of "AIST Today" are introduced and classified by research area.
For inquiry about the full article, please contact the author directly.
Venomous Protease of Aphid Soldier for Attacking Predators [ PDF:160KB ] Life Science and Biotechnology
The Novel Gene Silencing Technology: CRES-T [ PDF:161KB ]
A Novel Microfluidic Analysis Method for Simple Sequence-Selective DNA Detection [ PDF:161KB ]
Is This a Protein? Design of a Foldable 10-Residue Peptide [ PDF:162KB ] - Pursuing minimal elements of a protein -
Color Perception is not Innate But Acquired After Birth [ PDF:162KB ]
Ab initio Molecular Orbital Calculation of Biomolecule [ PDF:158KB ]
Microfluidic Conformational Changing of Macromolecule and Efficient Chemical Reaction [ PDF:158KB ]
Molecular Basis for Template-Independent RNA Polymerization [ PDF:166KB ] - Collaboration between protein and RNA for determination of nucleotide specificity -
New Technology to Identify Environmental Chemicals Causing Mental Disorders [ PDF:166KB ] - Assessment of psychotropic chemicals with experimental animals -
Transcriptional Gene Silencing by Small RNAs in Human Cells This article was removed, since it included the information reported to be inadequate by the surveillance committee.
High Precision Automatic Calibration of Physical Model Parameters

Information and Communication Technology

Development of a Real-time Communication Method using Ethernet [ PDF:159KB ]
Two-Way Communications by using Light-Controlled Photo-Switch [ PDF:159KB ]
Color Liquid Crystal Display Driven by Organic TFT [ PDF:159KB ]
Fabrication of SiO2 Thin Film by Printing Technique [ PDF:159KB ]
P2P-Based Middleware Enabling Transfer and Aggregation of Computational Resources [ PDF:195KB ]
What are the Real Structures of Materials for Optical Disc ? [ PDF:195KB ]
Construction of a Deep Ultraviolet Raman Microprobe System [ PDF:177KB ] Environmental Science and Technology
Eye-Detection of ppb Level Pb(II) by the Ce(IV) Phosphate Membrane Filter Coupled with Color Signaling [ PDF:177KB ]
Development of Flexible Heat-Resist Gas Barrier Film [ PDF:155KB ]
Biogas Plant to Recover Hydrogen and Methane Quickly [ PDF:155KB ] - A semi-pilot biogas plant based on two-stage fermentation process - Energy Science and Technology
Monoenergetic Electron Beam Generation in Laser-driven Plasma Acceleration [ PDF:160KB ] - A step toward a compact accelerator -
Elemental Mapping with Atomic Sensitivity [ PDF:160KB ] - the Ultimate Analysis - Nanotechnology and Materials Science and Technology
Interface Engineering in Strongly Correlated Electron Oxides [ PDF:158KB ]
Observation of Fermi Surfaces in a Single-Component Molecular Metal [ PDF:158KB ]
World's First Technologies Embedded Capacitors on Resin Circuit Boards [ PDF:168KB ]
Optical Hall Effect Fully Clarified [ PDF:168KB ]
A Reference Material for Electron Spin Resonance [ PDF:171KB ]
A Robot Spray Painting Simulation System on a Component-Based Software Framework [ PDF:171KB ] Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing Technology
Efficient Enzyme Reaction in Microchannel Reactor [ PDF:153KB ]
Crack-Free Thick Film via Centrifugal Sintering [ PDF:153KB ]
Development of a Thermal Diffusivity Reference Material for the Laser Flash Method [ PDF:234KB ] Standards and Measurement Technology
Development of Highly Sensitive Visible-Near IR Transient Absorption Spectroscopy [ PDF:234KB ] - Observation of conducting electrons in photo-chemical devices -
Development of 3-D Momentum Imaging Spectroscopy for a Molecule [ PDF:179KB ]
Thermoreflectance Measurement Technique for the Evaluation of Thermophysical Properties of Oxide Superconducting Thin Films [ PDF:179KB ]
The Mid Niigata Prefecture Earthquake in 2004 [ PDF:163KB ] Geological Survey and Geoscience
In Brief
  • AIST Has Booth Presence at Nano Korea 2004 in Seoul
  • Single-Molecule Bio-analysis Laboratory Director Yoshinobu Baba Wins Merck Award
  • Report on the Japan-Australia Coal Research Workshop
  • AIST Tokyo Waterfront, Nippon Kagaku Miraikan (National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation) Forge Cooperative Alliance
  • Report on Intelligent Systems Research Institute's Open House 2004 and Exhibit of Research Accomplishments
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