Director-General AIST Shikoku Dr. Hiroaki Tao

Director-General AIST Hokkaido
Yasuyuki Yagi, Ph.D.

 National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) entered into the fourth mid-term from April 1, 2015. It is expected to conduct research activities of the world highest level, and to transfer those results to industries toward innovations.
 The Hokkaido Center of AIST (AIST Hokkaido) aims to contribute to society as a research and development center in Hokkaido. We are working to enhance our research and development capabilities in collaboration with industry, academia, and government. Two research laboratories, the Bioproduction Research Institute and the Methane Hydrate Project Unit in the Research Institute of Energy Frontier, are conducting research and development in AIST Hokkaido. The Bioproduction Research Institute is promoting the development of bioprocesses to produce value-added organic materials. The Methane Hydrate Project Unit is conducting research on methane hydrate and developing technology for producing natural gas as a future energy resource. In order to work together with industry, academia, and government, AIST Hokkaido provides a collaborative research space called the Open Space Lab, combining advanced technological facilities with highly skilled researchers to spearhead a unique bio-venture incubation project. In addition, a technical site opened in Sapporo (Odori site) is providing technical information and support throughout Hokkaido in cooperation with the Hokkaido Intelligent Network Terminal (HiNT), of which many major organizations in Hokkaido are members.
 Furthermore, to offer support of AIST’s entire network of research laboratories, AIST Hokkaido is actively working to disseminate AIST technology seeds, and also to find and understand the technological needs of the local area. AIST covers a wide variety of research areas under seven departments: Energy and Environment, Life Science and Biotechnology, Information Technology and Human Factors, Materials and Chemistry, Electronics and Manufacturing, Geological Survey of Japan, and Metrology and National Metrology Institute of Japan. The variety of research activities in AIST is sure to bring progress to many technical issues in these industries. AIST Hokkaido will function as an able and useful research center capable of world-class research activities. We will make a continuing effort to contribute to society, both regionally and globally, as a research base of AIST in Hokkaido. We hope that collaboration with AIST Hokkaido will bring many advantages to you.