Synthesiology - English edition

Synthesiology - English edition Vol.7 No.4 2015

Synthesiology - English edition

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  1. Research papers
  2. Messages from the editorial board [PDF:95KB]
  3. Editorial policy
  4. Instructions for authors
  5. Vol.7 table of contents (2014) [PDF:88KB]

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Vol.4 No.4 [2012]

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Vol.2 No.1 [2009]

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Vol.2 No.2 [2009]

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Vol.1 No.1 [2008]

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Vol.1 No.2 [2008]

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Vol.1 No.3 [2009]

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Vol.1 No.4 [2009]

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Synthesiology Editorial Board
Editor in Chief: T. KANAYAMA
Senior Executive Editor: N. YUMOTO, H. YOTSUMOTO
Executive Editors: C. KURIMOTO, T. SHIMIZU, M. TANAKA, S. TOGASHI, H. HATORI, M. AKAMATSU, F. UEDA (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization), N. KOBAYASHI (Waseda University), T. MAENO (Keio University), M. YAMAZAKI, M. TAKAHASHI
Editors: H. AKOH, S. ICHIMURA (Nagoya University), K. UEDA (Hyogo Prefectural Institute of Technology), A. ONO, A. KAGEYAMA, S. KANEMARU, T. KUBO, N. KOHTAKE (Keio University), K. SAKAUE, H. TAO, M. TAKESHITA (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization), H. TATEISHI, H. TAYA, (J-Space Inc.), E. TSUKUDA, H. NAKASHIMA (Future University Hakodate), S. NIKI, Y. HASEGAWA, Y. BABA (The University of Tokyo), T. MATSUI, Y. MITSUISHI, N. MURAYAMA, M. MOCHIMARU, Y. YANO, A. YABE, H. YOSHIKAWA (Japan Science and Technology Agency)
Publishing Secretariat: Public Relations Information Office, Planning Headquarters, AIST
Contact: Synthesiology Editorial Board
c/o Public Relations Information Office, Planning Headquarters, AIST
Tsukuba Central 2, 1-1-1 Umezono, Tsukuba 305-8568, Japan
Tel: +81-29-862-6217 Fax: +81-29-862-6212
E-mail: e-mail

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