Leading Initiative for Excellent Young Researchers (LEADER)

AIST posts the following job opportunities based on the employment scheme of "Leading Initiative for Excellent Young Researchers." The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology-Japan (MEXT) handles all the screening and evaluation processes of applicants. Please visit the page for details of the program and how to prepare application documents (please click the PDF icon located on the right hand of "Application Guideline 2017"). The application document should be submitted based on the procedure Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) specifies in their document.

Please be careful that AIST does not accept the application documents, and the documents never be forwarded to JSPS. Also, AIST does not accept any "advance notice," and AIST will launch employment process only for those who qualifies Excellent Yound Researcher program.


List of Job Opportuinities based on Leading Initiative for Excellent Young Researchers:

JREC-IN Data Number Job Title
D117030271 [Excellent Young Researchers] Development of fundamental technologies for drug discovery by biomolecular approaches (Life Science and Biotechnology)
D117030274 [Excellent Young Researchers] Research and Development in Medical and Healthcare Engineering (Life Science and Biotechnology)
D117030279 [Excellent Young Researchers] Research and development on artificial intelligence , IoT related technologies, robotics, and another information technologies (Information Technology and Human Factors)
D117030280 [Excellent Young Researchers] Research and development on theoretical or computational approaches for advanced functional materials (Materials and Chemistry)
D117030284 [Eellent Young Researchers] Research and development on synthesis, expoloring applications, or evaluation technologies of carbon nanotubes (Materials and Chemistry)
D117030286 [Excellent Young Researchers] Research on buried interfaces and development of novel interface analysis technology using spectroscopic techniques (Materials and Chemistry)
D117030291 [Excellent Young Researchers] Development of the Nano-Cube Electronic Ceramics (Materials and Chemistry)
D117030301 Excellent Young Researchers] Research and development for devices and circuits realizing information processing with ultimate performances or revolutionary functions (Electronics and Manufacturing)
D117030697 [Excellent Young Researchers] Research and development on advanced devices for electronics and photonics with environmentally friendliness based on innovative materials (Electronics and Manufacturing)
D117030303 xcellent Young Researchers] Research and development of sophistication of integrated MEMS sensing technology contributing to realization of advanced IoT/CPS society (Electronics and Manufacturing)
D117030306 [Excellent Young Researchers] Analysis and assessment of geology, resources, environment and geological disasters of Japan, and technology development based on geological, geophysical, and geochemical surveys (Geological Survey of Japan)
D117030310 Excellent Young Researchers] Development of measurement techniques and equiepments for nano-structured materials employing electron microscope (National Meteorological Institute of Japan)

The job opportuinity information is also searchable from JREC-IN Portal by using "Keyward search" function, and put individual "JREC-IN Data Number" to find details of these job opportuinities.

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