AIST Today 2010-1 No.35

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President’s Message: Thoughts for the New Year
  • Message:President’s Message: Thoughts for the New Year
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Rare Metals 2
  • Trends in Rare Metal Issues and Efforts of the Rare Metal Task Force
  • Exploration of Rare Metal Resources
  • Types and Characteristics of Rare Earth Deposits
  • Reduction of Platinum Usage by a Core-Shell Structure
  • Development of Iron-based Thermoelectric Material as an Alternative to Bismuth Telluride Alloy
  • Development of Highly Effective Extractant for Platinum Group Metals
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Research Hotline
The abstracts of the recent research information appearing in Vol.9 No.10-12 of "AIST TODAY" are introduced here, classified by research area.
For inquiry about the full article, please contact the author via e-mail.
Universal quenching probe system: flexible, specific, and cost-effective real-time polymerase chain reaction method [ PDF:501KB ] - Application expected to quantitative detection of viruses - Life Science and Biotechnology
Discovery of early rising effect of a ketogenic diet on mice [ PDF:532KB ] - A low-carbohydrate diet affects the circadian clock -
An invisible-light-entrainment mechanism of the Drosophila circadian rhythm [ PDF:532KB ] - Re-entrainment of Drosophila rhodopsin mutants to red-LED light -
Multimedia content retrieval using automatic speech recognition [ PDF:625KB ] - Sub-word based realization of speech search without any restriction of vocabulary, grammar, or language - Information Technology and Electronics
Imaging of single calcium atoms using electron energy-loss spectroscopy [ PDF:625KB ] - Low voltage microscope enables structure analysis without destruction - Nanotechnology, Materials and Manufacturing
Successful formation of fine and high aspect ratio patterning with laser assisted ink-jet printing [ PDF:332KB ] - Industrial ink-jet printing for low resistance wiring on various kinds of substrates -
Electrical measuring method for quantum states [ PDF:332KB ] - Applications in quantum information processing are expected -
Development of cobalt-free oxide positive electrode material for lithium-ion batteries [ PDF:568KB ] - Realization of high discharge voltage close to that of existing positive electrode material - Environment and Energy
A black coating developed using structured carbon nanotubes [ PDF:568KB ] - An excellent light absorber and thermal radiator like a black body - Metrology and Measurement Science
Simultaneous emission of infrared free electron laser light and a quasi-monochromatic X-ray beam [ PDF:227KB ] - Development of a two-color light source of infrared light and X-ray with variable energy -
High-precision frequency measurement using an optical fiber link [ PDF:227KB ] - Remote absolute frequency measurement of a strontium optical lattice clock -
Precise characterization of nanomaterials by pulsed field gradient nuclear magnetic resonance method [ PDF:487KB ] - Accurate size determination and observation of diffusion phenomena of nanomaterials in solution -
In Brief
  • President Nomakuchi’s Visit to the Republic of South Africa
    - Workshop Held by four Research Organizations -
  • Thai Minister of Science and Technology Visits AIST Tsukuba
    - Ceremony for the Renewal of Comprehensive Memorandum of Understanding -
  • Third Workshop between AIST and Department of Biotechnology of India
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