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President's Message: Open Innovation
  • Message:President's Message: Open Innovation
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Biophotonics at AIST
- Hot topics on biomedical imaging and sensing by light -
  • The "Visualization" Challenge: Development and Application of Bio-optical Technologies
  • Development of Water Dispersible Indium Phosphide Nanocrystals for Use as Fluorescent Reagents
  • Observing the Cell Surface Using Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS) Spectroscopy
  • Highly-Sensitive Fluorescence-based Detection of Catecholamines as Stress Markers
  • Fluorescence Microscopic Imaging Using a Substrate with a Sub-wavelength Grating
  • RevealingAmyloidStructurebyIsotope-labelingInfraredSpectroscopy
  • Capturing Tens-of-nanometers-scale Phenomena with a New Optical Microscope
  • Bio-mechanicalOpticalImaging
  • Measurement of Oxygen Saturation through the Eye
  • TheLiveCellImagingWorkshop
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Research Hotline
The abstracts of the recent research information appearing in Vol.9 No.7-9 of "AIST TODAY" are introduced here, classified by research area.
For inquiry about the full article, please contact the author via e-mail.
Development of a method for specific degradation of nuclear-localized RNAs with unknown functions [ PDF:358KB ] - Road to new medical and pharmaceutical researches originated from the emerging RNA functions - Life Science and Biotechnology
Development of thin-film electroluminescent device using inorganic oxides [ PDF:326KB ] - Plane emission of red light with a starting voltage of ≈10 V - Information Technology and Electronics
New, simple method for separation of metallic and semiconducting carbon nanotubes [ PDF:326KB ] - Freeze, thaw and squeeze method paves the way for mass production - Nanotechnology, Materials and Manufacturing
Development of a system capable of machining a metal tube of a human hair size into a complex shape [ PDF:330KB ] - Highly functional microscopic medical instruments will be realized -
Development of low-cost photocatalyst responsive to visible light [ PDF:330KB ] - Applicable to fiber, textile and plastic -
Rapid production of bioactive substance, HMF, from saccharides [ PDF:367KB ] - Realized by using high-pressure and high-temperature water in a microreaction system - Environment and Energy
Development of an effective method of producing D-glyceric acid from glycerol [ PDF:367KB ] - Materials for chemicals and pharmaceuticals to be produced from a by-product of biodiesel fuel productin -
Development of a new electric power device that enables the grid-connection of numerous distributed generators [ PDF:295KB ] - Low-loss superconducting thin-film fault-current limiter elements that immediately suppress short-circuit currents -
Photon number discrimination with a superconducting transition edge sensor [ PDF:295KB ] New photon detection technique for realizing ultimate performances in quantum communication and metrology - Metrology and Measurement Science
A simple pretreatment technique for PCB analysis [ PDF:334KB ] - A key to solving the PCB-waste issue: fast and accurate analysis -
Beyond the limit of mass spectrometry [ PDF:334KB ] - Kinetic-energy-sensitive mass spectrometry for separation of different ions with the same m/z value -
Three-dimensional imaging of defect distributions using a positron microprobe [ PDF:384KB ] - A practical technique for evaluating defect distributions in various materials -
In Brief
  • Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia Visits Tokyo Akihabara Site
  • MOUs Concluded with 6 US National Laboratories in Energy and Environment Fields
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